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Why your business is drowning

It's a tale as old as are stuck due to your limiting beliefs:

Fear of failure

Fear of rejection

Fear of being salesy

Fear of being spammy

Stuck. I mean, you probably asked all your family and friends right away so now where do you turn to? Who do you ask? How do you grow your business?

This movie is SO GOOD and full of life lessons we can all learn. Near the end she asks her coach why he didn't make it to the olympics and he said it is simple. Lack of belief. He was swimming to avoid losing, not to win.

You see if you aren't running your business with a winner's mindset, how can you expect to grow?

Without belief you aren't going to take the right actions to have success. You will keep swimming to lose not to win!

I don't know about you but I launched my last business 18 months ago to win. I was going to go Elite and have a million dollar team in my first 6 months. With that attitude, all my actions aligned and we hit our goal exactly 6 months later!

Oh and before you think I am some fancy influencer with million of followers, you can go follow me on instagram @iamkatemoir. I have under 1500 while writing this.

This is why I created a course for those ready to swim to win. I am calling it the Ultimate Money Make Course. Everything you need to do on your coffee break over the next 90 days to go the next level in your business.

What if you showed up and trained for your business every day as if you were training for a competition or a marathon?

Would you show up differently?

Would you push outside your comfort zone to test your limits?

How would you feel if you showed up a bit differently to your business and made more income and impact?

This is what I want for you!

What are you waiting for? If you got 15 minutes a day and ready to go the next level let me be your coach, giving you step-by-step tasks that are proven to work!

It starts with belief. I believe you can do it. Do you?

XO Kate Moir

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