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Why social retail and why now?

Do you remember last year when every day someone else was inviting you or asking you to do an online party? I remember it like it was yesterday!

I felt such guilt saying no to the 5th request in 24 hours but after 7 years in the industry, I had all the pans, a cupboard of spices, a drawer full of Tupperware, more makeup than I was wearing, and a dresser full of workout clothes. I am a fan of supporting my friends and believe in supporting small businesses, but there comes a point when you have enough.

Now, when I need a new pair of pants or a refill on spices or a new set for the kids lunches, who do you think I am going to call? The friend who is social selling. The one who is consistent. Who is open for business. Who follows up!

Social selling isn't spamming. It's smart. It's making sure that your friends and family and customers you have built over time know that you are still in business, what's new, and the current deals. If you aren't sharing and someone else in my network is, guess what. Out of sight out of mind.

Most consumers are going to go with convenience. The person who is following up, making the ask, and ok with hearing no time to time, knowing at some point you will need another order or maybe your situation has changed and you need the income opportunity.

So let's chat today about social selling and the do's and don'ts.

​Post consistently (not constantly) content that is adding value

Sharing solutions to common problems your product can solve

Sharing reviews of other people's opinions on the product or service you offer

Tips and tricks that help your target customer or team mate

Post only deals and offers like a salesman. People go on social media to be social!

Use generic images only that your company produces

Not sharing your own story and testimonies

Spamming people non stop to buy or book with you

So now that you know what to do and not to do you do it?

Think of your social profile like a snapshot of you as a person. You are more than the product you sell. You are more than the company you work for. You are you!

So make sure to share those other sides of your life. For me, thats sharing my health journey, my family adventures, my love of travel, and my business. It is sharing your hopes and dreams for your life with your network and inspiring them to do the same.

Are we following each other on social yet? If not, why wait!

Xo Kate Moir

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