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Why can't mom's have it all?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I had this incredible interview today with Dana and she shared her ah ha that why can't moms have it all?

My initial reaction was ... because Dana --- they are burnt out! Overwhelmed. Stretched too thin....and then it hit me as we talked...

The real reason mom's can't have it all is because they lack the belief they can and the strategies on how to prioritize on what their non negotiable are.

You can hear the interview by clicking below:

Here at Momma's making commas my goal is to give you real results from real people making $1000s a month sharing their passion and strategies that work!

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In talking with Dana we highlighted her three step process to reducing the overwhelm and being burnt out as a full time working mom with a thriving side gig.

Step 1: Why are you doing the things you are doing

Step 2: What are the limiting beliefs you need to overcome in order to achieve your dreams

Step 3: What actions you need to take to become that version of yourself that will achieve your dreams.

Now this is too much to cover in a 15 minute interview so make sure to go click her website and look at her resources and join her FREE community! Make sure to share with a friend or two!

Of course if you are a momma dreaming of making $1000s a month and need a side gig from your phone...lets connect

If you are a momma already making comma and want to be on my podcast to share your tips and tricks apply here!

xo Kate Moir

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