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How to make a vision board on Canva in 3 simple steps.

Have you ever thought about making an electronic vision board?

I do this ANNUALLY and usually on January 1. In fact - this year I did a paper copy with print outs from my canva!

I like to first choose my pillars and then make goals for each category.

For example, what are your goals for your health? Your home? Your finances? Your family? For fun? For work?

By breaking these into micro goals I feel empowered to them make a vision board.

Now if you are a visual learner and need to be walked through, here is a recording of my workshop tutorial on YouTube. If you prefer typed out step by step instructions here you go:


STEP 1: Open up and search vision board in the search bar. This will pop up templates you can choose from. Pick any one that does not have a crown if you do not have a paid canva account. This way you won't have watermarks on your finished product.

Alternatively, you could search collage and you will get similar templates. Here is the one I used.

STEP 2: From there I find it easiest to upload my photos or use the photo tab in Canva to add photo representation of what I am passionate about.

Simply search words that relate to your vision like family, fitness, yoga, or modern kitchen. It will pop up photos on the left hand side for you to choose from.

STEP 3: Once you are done, simply export your vision board by clicking "share" on the top right and download in .png file format unless you want to print them then do .pdf.

Then you can do whatever you want with your vision board.


A) Your vision board is your vision board. I encourage you to print it and then look at it at least monthly, if not daily! You want to keep it in your mind to continue manifesting it from coming true.

B) Make sure you put a positive spin on things! If your vision is to pay off debt put a bank statement showing that debt paid off or something to do with savings.

C) Dream bigger than you believe you can achieve. There is power in aiming higher. If you shoot higher and land between where you are and where you want to be, isn't that better than being exactly where you are and not dreaming?

When your done your vision board I would love to see it! Feel free to email me a picture at

xo Kate Moir

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