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Don't wait until 2023 to start building the life you want NOW

There are less than 8 weeks until we ring in 2023! It's incredible how fast 2022 has flown by!

After a week in Dominican Republic celebrating our achievements as leaders I realized I have a bit of things I still want to achieve in 2022! You see, 2022 was about patience, rest and relaxation. I let me body rest and heal pre and post neck surgery but I am now in the clear and I am ready to reclaim ME back. While I love my body and the strength it has, I miss running, I miss lifting weights, I miss going to the store and THROWING anything on and feeling confident!

So instead of waiting for January 1, 2023 I am going to start TODAY. Not tomorrow, not Dec 1. TODAY!

I am going to share all my updates with you on my YouTube Channel and then my FREE challenge group

There are 3 things I do when I make a BIG goal.

1. Break it down!

Into a 90 day, 30 day, 7 day and even daily size goals! Here are some examples:

  • To lose 50 lbs in 25 weeks thats 2lbs a week or 8 lbs a month or 24lbs in a season.

  • To get into a size smaller by Christmas that may mean losing 2 inches off my waist and hips, thighs and chest. To do that may mean measuring weekly and making my goal about moving my body daily with some weight lifting to building lean muscle

  • To run a 5 k by January 1 by doing a couch to 5 k with a 6 week program.

2. Habit check

What habits am I doing that are sabotaging my goals? These are things I need to STOP doing and replace with habits that will support my goals! Here are some examples:

  • Replace wine with hot tea in the evenings (even better, one with detox properties!)

  • Replace sautéed foods with steamed foods

  • Replace butter with olive oil

  • Walk while I watch trainings vs. sit and watch.

3. Layers of accountability

The more people that are watching me or cheering me on the better! The more transparent I am the better! I know that me being vulnerable inspires others but also allows me to show up more authentic and real. I have started and failed so many times at things by not holding myself accountable and letting myself off the hook. When I have had the most success is when I have had the most layers of accountability and people cheering me on.

  • Post weekly updates in my group

  • Track and share my food to hold myself accountable

  • Join communities to support others on similar journeys, cheer them on and share my own journey.

  • Have my walking partner hold me accountable to getting outside for our walks

  • Have my family on board and aware of my goals.

  • Make my friends aware so I am not in awkward social situations and peer pressured.

What do you do when you have a goal? I would love to hear your top tips!

Send me an email to or comment below!



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