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Are you all in?

I remember when I used this hashtag #allin as part of a previous company I was with. I felt like it was a declaration of my dedication to the company and my team. Then when I had to diversify my income, I felt uncomfortable as I felt no longer "all in". Have you ever used the term all in? If so ... maybe you agree or disagree with my new interpretation of the term.

According to the dictionary all in is defined as:

1. US completely committed to or very much in favor of something. "anything he did, he was all in"

2. INFORMAL exhausted. "he was all in by halftime"

I would like to say I was BOTH committed and exhausted! You see, all in, working all the time is not necessary in business. You heard me right, you don't have to work 16 hours a day to have success, but you have to be committed. You have to have belief in what you are doing. You have to show up consistently NOT constantly!

This took me and so many mom bosses I have had the pleasure of interviewing to learn and then chase our dreams with utter commitment and fervour! You can listen to our latest episode with Shakira from

Shakira knew she had to make a shift but loved working in non-profits. She now helps non-profits scale and fulfil their mission! You can learn more about her here

Then today I dove into the topic and another perspective on the topic in our free Facebook momboss mentor community. If your boss sat beside you all day watching you work would they think you are "all in" and committed to your work? Would you be proud of how you are showing up for your dreams and pay cheque or embarrassed?

Example 1: Me in a 9-5 job

If my old boss watched me she would have seen me searching for a new job half the day or working my "side gig" !!! Not even kidding! I was so unhappy, unmotivated, apathetic even. After years of feeling unappreciated, it's hard to be motivated and all in. I dove into my side gig instead and built this business to become higher paying than my full time career as a city planner. I was able to save enough to have a nest egg, quit my job, and become a full time entrepreneur.

Example 12: Me today as a full time entrepreneur

I work when I want, where I want, on what I want to. I have my daily method of operation I follow which adjusts based on my goals. Currently, thats 10 follow up, 10 new convos, 10 asks, and 10 decisions. I usually have 50-75 conversations started in my 1 hour of work every morning from 9-10 am cst. You see, I do a power hour zoom with a group of side line sisters, up line and down line every week day and if I don't get it in, I find 4 x 15 minute blocks to work my business throughout my day. This is a non-negotiable for me and something I will continue to do on vacation unless I am on an excursion.

Now you might be thinking "Kate you'd really work on vacation?"

Umm...yes. I love what I do and I am a creature of habit. I may shift the hours if I have to but I will do an hour a day while in Jamaica later this month because I am on a mission to help women worldwide with their health and wealth and my work is building relationships not selling! I mean, I literally get to talk to people and see how they are doing! Plus, my life is pretty much a vacation as I can eat when I want, wear what I want, go where I want, and be with those I want. I don't have to ask for time off work or sick days.

When you do something you love you don't see it as work. You see it as fun. You make an income while making an impact.

If you feel like you are struggling with your 9-5 like I was and dreaming of a different work-life balance, listen to the stories on my YouTube channel or reach out and ask for my 2 minute video of social retail. If you aren't all-in on your dreams, are you truly chasing them or wishing upon a star? Agree or disagree?

Comment below!

xo Kate Moir

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