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5 ways to make $500 this weekend

What would you do if you could make $500 this weekend??

  • Would you go on an adventure?

  • Use to pay for every day expenses?

  • Pay off some debt?

  • Use for back to school expenses?

  • Use to give back?

Honestly - I can think of 500+ ways to spend $500 but to make $500 in a weekend is a bit harder! So I came up with 5 ways I have made $500 in a weekend...


Work 25 hours at $20 an hour. Back in the day I would pick up extra shifts or a second job to work when I wasn't working my regular shifts. 4 extra days of work was $500 before I can't imagine giving up the free time I have to work MORE so this is probably my LEAST favourite way to make $500 these days...


Have a garage sale. Now this takes work and anyone that says it doesn't, probably didnt make $500. I had one in May and made around $300 by selling a truck load of stuff. This means, I would need to add on a bake sale or have more bigger ticket items next time to get closer to $500 in a weekend. How much have you ever made at a garage?


Flip something you aren't use that is worth $500+ on marketplace or whatnot. Again, this is dependent on getting rid of bigger items you aren't using and hoping someone wants to buy it...not always effective but can happen! I remember selling a treadmill in a weekend when we listed our last house for sale. The house we were looking at was too small for a home gym so I was proactive. I regretted it later as I ended up buying a new one.


Create and sell five courses for $100 or 20 memberships for $25. I did this when in one weekend November 2021. It was my first time and I was shocked at how easy it was but did end up hiring a website guy which dipped into my profits. You can grab my course on how to make money NOW at


Share an affiliate code to 5 friends and make a guaranteed $500 commission with our summer sizzle program! This has been the easiest, lowest cost and least amount of time to make $500! So if you are thinking --- "What's the harm in trying?" or "I'm ready!" you can click the respective country below and get started today! I will personally mentor you to make $500 this weekend!

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Chat soon!

Kate Moir

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