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5 Reasons why mombosses should collaborate NOW!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

If you are in our free Momboss community you will have seen my mini rant this week on being tired of mombosses being one sided.

I was surprised how many of you had stories of similar things happening to you and it breaks my heart because there is no need to compete! And so for those of you with servant heart that have a positive outlook this blog is 5 ways you can collaborate without competing in business with mombosses.

Now please note - I have been in this industry for nearly 8 years and have not been perfect. I regret a few emotional conversations I have had and been burned more times that you can count but I still LOVE this industry!

So let's get to it shall we - 5 ways to collaborate NOW and see your business grow as a result!

1 - shout her out on social! Tag her in your stories, share a screen shot of something she did that you want to recognize, or just post a photo of you two together and why you are thankful for her in your life! It can be something about business or not but by tagging her you are going to gain exposure with her network and give your network a snap shot of people you are are connected to! It truly is a win-win

2 - Interview her! I love going live with fellow mombosses or having them featured on our free community group you can join here. I have sent quite a few invites to be interviewed as an upcoming guest and yet very few follow through! This is amazing exposure! You can pre record or go live! So if you think you have VALUE to add to our momprenuer community please fill out the interview guest form here! It'll be on my podcast and YouTube and our free community!

3 - Refer her! We don't sell all the product so why shouldn't we refer our customers to another momboss that can serve her? I remember noticing a friend's company didn't sell a product in our country. She was referring customers to Walmart. I was shocked that she wasn't interested in collaborating with me as I had referred a ton of business her way and was a customer of hers so didn't get why she wouldn't want to share my product that was not hurting her business. Now, I know everyone has their reasons but if I can refer customers to a fellow momboss to meet their needs I believe that goes a long way!

4- Review her! Does she give amazing customer service? Go out of her way to show appreciation to her customers or run a fun community? Share! Reviews are the BEST way to support another momboss without having to even open your wallet!

5- Spotlight her - You better believe I now do swap for swap. If you want to be spotlighted in my customer group for Modere and share your non-competing product to my customers and have me featured in your group to share Modere with your network let's chat! You can email COLLAB to

Lastly - always be a nice human. I think thats self explanatory but if any of these points hit home to you I challenge you to rise to being a collaborator and cheering on others! A simple high five and compliment in messenger or on their post is pure gold!

What do you do to collaborate with other momprenuers? I want to know!

Xo Kate

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