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Who Is Kate Moir?

I believe that being candid and authentic is key to thriving in today’s virtual world as a business coach, mentor, and momboss.  

You see, in 2015 I started in network marketing to have some fun and make a little spending money guilt-free.  I never imagined that I would have built not one, but three six-figure businesses since, becoming a best-selling author worldwide, and an international podcaster!


When I launched my business I didn't have a coach or a mentor. I literally threw spaghetti to the wall and prayed it would stick and that my business would grow.  I eventually realized I needed systems and once I started working smarter not harder I found momentum and success.  


I am so excited to share my tips and tricks with moms around the world so they can have success faster and launch their businesses with fewer breakdowns and more breakthroughs! I am me first, a wife second, and a proud girl mom and dog lover.  


I live in a small town in central Canada and help women worldwide launch businesses on their coffee break!  I'd love to get to know you so drop me an email below and say hi!  Tell me where you are from and a bit about you!

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