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I am Kate Moir

Ever find yourself looking at job ads when you have only been in the job for less than two years?  Bored midday with your job and wish you could be just about anywhere else? Frustrated with upper management and being stifled and not given the creative license you desire to try new things?  Been there, done that, and never going back! 


Hi, my name is Kate Moir.  I am a courageous and visionary leader that collaborates and empowers women worldwide showing them real-time strategies to build their dream careers in the pockets of their day so they can avoid burnout and breakdown and instead, have a breakthrough! I have built multiple 6-figure businesses as a network marketer and coach, and share my tips and tricks with moms worldwide ready to dive into Entrepreneurship. If I can do this while living in a small town with no stoplight, you can too!  I have two girls, a husband that works 24/7 on call, and 4 dogs.


My belief is that when you focus on the impact of increased income and relationships over revenue, you will have the success you desire and then some! So let's connect and let me know where you are at on your Entrepreneurship journey!


                                                xo Kate Moir

I can't wait to connect!

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